What Wine Should You Use For Cooking?

Cooking is a part of everyone’s lives, whether you’re good or bad at it. The best part about it is that there are countless flavors and countless ingredients that can change the outcome of a dish. The slightest change can make a dish great or horrible. You want to get the best-tasting ingredients that you … [Read more…]

Dry vs. Sweet Wines

Wine is a valuable and classy addition to anyone’s home, whether or not you’re a wine enthusiast, a causal drinker, or just want to get started in the whole, high-class business. It is a symbol of wealth and power—status and luxury. Kings, emperors, queens, and many other powerful people have all drank wine even in … [Read more…]

What is Champagne?

Sparkling wine can be a fun, delicious addition to anyone’s evening. It is a social drink. It’s what you might drink on a New Year’s party or a Mardi Gras event. Sparkling wine is a white wine that has been infused or naturally fermented with more carbon dioxide in the mix, making it bubbly and … [Read more…]

Types of Wine

Wine has been around for thousands of years, even in the BC era of history. It slowly spread through western Asia and into Europe, no doubt popular with the highest classes and people of wealth. It has been a sign of class and higher standings, even being mentioned multiple times in religious scripts. Unfortunately, turning … [Read more…]

How to Store Wine After Opening

One might think that you can’t store wine after opening it. That’s completely incorrect! Wine has a long life after the foil has been cut and the cork has been removed. Keep in mind that some might disagree to storing it after opening, but sometimes you just can’t finish the bottle. You may want to … [Read more…]

How to Store Red Wine

Different varieties of wine need to be stored in specific temperature ranges to be served properly.  While some reds can be served warmer (never hot), there are some whites that need to be served cool or cold, and champagne should always be served cold.  Specialty items like Sake vary by taste; some prefer it to … [Read more…]