How to Store Wine After Opening

One might think that you can’t store wine after opening it. That’s completely incorrect! Wine has a long life after the foil has been cut and the cork has been removed. Keep in mind that some might disagree to storing it after opening, but sometimes you just can’t finish the bottle. You may want to try, however, considering there are only 5-6 glasses of wine in a bottle. It’ll take a lot less to finish it than storing it away. However, if must store it, there are some easy ways to do it.

The first and probably easiest solution is to simply put the cork back in! Make sure you use the stained side, though. The top, clean side may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. It’s a bad choice, considering it has seen a lot more dust and bacteria than the side that was inside the bottle itself. The clean side should stay at the top and outside, away from the bottle. After re-corking it, you must remember that it still needs to be refrigerated. Coldness is the key when keeping and preserving your wine.

If you don’t want to keep it in the bottle, or if you don’t feel as if it might be safe enough, grab a jar. Pour as much of it into the jar as you can to keep that horrible air from contaminating it or disturbing it further. Seal it tight and place it in your refrigerator. The less air inside the jar, the better—fill it up as close to the top as you can.

A third way is to get a wine preserver. There are plenty of relatively cheap ones that can suck all the air out of the bottle in a vacuum, taking the oxygen that can harm your delicious beverage. It is merely a matter of placing the cap on the bottle and pressing the device to it. It will pump the oxygen out and keep your wine as fresh and crisp as when you opened it.

Keep the wine bottles upright after opening them. If the wine bottle is on its side after being opened, more oxygen touches more surface area of the wine. If it’s upright, it will touch less of the liquid. It’s recommended to cork the wine every time you pour a glass. Keep in mind that a bottle of wine, after opening, will only last 3-5 days, even with proper care. There are a few types that can extend past that, but try to aim for consuming it before that amount of time regardless.

To reiterate, wine only has 5-6 glasses of wine inside, so it’s always best to consume them rather than storing them. It will never taste as good as it was when first opening it if you do decide to store it, but either way, sometimes you can’t finish it. Re-corking is easiest, but pouring it into a jar and putting in the refrigerator is the best line of action in this case.