The Top Rated Wine Refrigerators On The Market

One of the best social outings that a person can do is host a party or entertain some guests, whether they’re friends or family.

You want people to be impressed by your home and what you have to offer.

A home bar, wine refrigerator, and the right lighting can go a long way–it will turn your home into a place where people want to be.

You probably can’t turn your home into the hottest spot in town, but these are great starting points to begin or further your social climb.

Everyone likes class and you can bet these items will assist in showing off yours.

A wine refrigerator will not only look great and luxurious in your home, but it will keep your wine cool, too!


What should you consider when buying?

There are actually a few crucial points that you should consider when looking for a wine cabinet.

Firstly, how much wine are you going to be storing? There are some wine coolers that house from a few bottles up to 300+. It all depends on your storage needs.

Secondly, what sorts of wine will you be storing? There are some that are specific to red wine, champagne, and other beverages that you may want to consider.

Finally, what sort of size do you want the refrigerator to be? There are some that are knee-high and then there are some that make a beautiful piece of furniture in your rooms.

We’ve narrowed down a few choices here.

Madison Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This beautiful wine cooler is composed of pure rose cherry wood. Not only will it make a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, but it also has a drawer to put your wine accessories in. Because of its thermoelectric properties, this wine refrigerator is practically silent and is free of vibration. The top of the cabinet is a polished granite top adds an elegant touch to your room. Despite its compact size, it holds a large amount of wine.

Holds up to 24 wine bottles.

Vinotemp Wine Cooler and Cellar

This Blackwood wine refrigerator will likely fit in with any sort of furniture you have in your rooms. It has a dual temperature adjuster, giving it the ability to store multiple types of wine. The thermoelectric cooling will keep the refrigerator quiet and it has an interior light to assist in searching for your perfect bottle. It has six metal wine shelves to assist in holding your wines, giving it an appealing and luxurious look while keeping a professional air about it.

Holds up to 18 wine bottles.

EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler

This futuristic-looking wine refrigerator will look great in any bar. The blue LED temperature control is easy to use and tune to your needs, ranging from 40F-65F. The blue internal lighting gives your wine cooler a nice, crisp look that appears modern and gives subtle hints of the technology at work. It has a sleek, stainless steel door to give it an elegant appearance, though only spreads 12” in width, giving it a nice, compact feel without taking up too much space.

Holds up to 18 wine bottles.

Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler

While being one of the bigger wine refrigerators on this list, this is also one of the best-selling ones. The frame is made of stainless steel while lined with beech wood shelves that slide out, making it optimal in retrieving your delicious, bottled beverages. Not only does it come with an LED temperature control, it also retains the temperature’s memory in case of an electricity outage, keeping your wine safe from the weather.

Holds up to 30 wine bottles.

NewAir Premier Gold Wine Cooler

If you need an extensive wine collection, this is the fridge for you. Being able to hold up to 116 bottles of wine, this wine refrigerator is no joke. It has a dual-zone temperature control, so you can store many different types of wine and champagne without having to worry about if the temperature is right for them both. The smoke-tinted triple layer glass is sure to keep your wine safer than ever, while providing a bright light inside to assist in your search for the perfect bottle.

Holds up to 116 wine bottles.

Allavino FlexCount Wine Refrigerator

Need even more room? We’ve got you covered with this massive 172-bottle capacity refrigerator. This dual-zone cooling fridge is perfect for any avid wine collector, composed of stainless steel and specially-designed wood cradling shelves to house your wine bottles. The all-black interior is an extra touch of elegance, giving it the appearance of an actual, old-style wine cellar. Store unopened or opened bottles in this cooler and you won’t be sorry!

Holds up to 172 wine bottles.

AKDY Wine Cooler

If you want a more compact experience that you can set on a countertop, this wine refrigerator is your best bet. While not holding the most wine bottles, you have to sacrifice amount with size, but don’t count this cooler out! It can sit comfortably on a countertop without taking up much space, giving you easy access to your wines from your bar. It is environmentally friendly and has a low energy consumption while keeping your bottles cool from 50F-66F.

Holds up to 16 wine bottles.

Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator

Bringing something a bit more stylish, Wine Enthusiast produces a freestanding, curved-door wine refrigerator. It is dual-zoned, meaning you will be able to adjust the temperature in both the top and bottom sections of the fridge. The curved doors give a better view into it, showing off the beautiful bottles of your favorite beverages. It is thermoelectric, making it nearly completely silent, though is lit up inside with a beautiful LED light.

Holds up to 21 wine bottles.

Dometic Silver Wine Cooler

Not exactly a wine connoisseur but still want to keep your wine chilled? This is for you! This small, compact wine cooler is able to house a few bottles of wine while not overloading yourself with the tremendous amounts of choices out there. If you just want to keep things simple and minimalistic, set this cooler on your bar and break out that specific, special wine bottle to drink or share with a friend or loved one.

Holds up to 6 wine bottles.

Wine Enthusiast Upright Wine Cooler

If you need room in your bar or more cabinet space but still want to devote a bit to wine cooling, this upright wine refrigerator will fit your needs. Measuring at a small 10” width, it supplies its storage with height. Not only is this freestanding wine cooler thermoelectric, it is also dual-zoned with temperature settings. You can set the top and bottom parts of the cooler with different temperatures, making it optimal to store most red and white wines.

Holds up to 18 wine bottles.

Edgestar Side-by-Side Wine Cellar

Truly a monster of a wine refrigerator, this two-part side-by-side cellar is one of the biggest capacities you can find. Whether you’re a true wine enthusiast or someone who runs a business off wine, this set of refrigerators will hold all the wine you’ll ever need. It comes in an excellent value rather than purchasing just one, so this is a great choice for any real wine enthusiast. It is perfect as a wine cellar or separate free-standing refrigerator.

Holds up to 332 wine bottles.