The Best Wine Openers

Every wine enthusiast needs a way to get to their delicious beverage. It’s almost as if bottles are getting more difficult to open every day.

That’s not a bad thing, of course. The tighter the seal on a wine bottle, the better preserved it will be.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help you get that cork out of the wine bottle.

Even if it’s just a casual outing, a wine opener set can make you the life of a party.

Tie together your wine collection with a beautiful set of wine tools to assist you in opening, pouring, and preserving.


Which should you buy?

Many wine openers are combined with other tools like wine chillers and pourers.

While some might see these items as unnecessary, be assured, most of these tools are useful!

You might not think you need a wine chiller, but it can certainly assist in keeping the quality of your wine through your party’s duration.

You can be sure to get quality for the amount of money you pay for, though.

These are some of the best.

Everything Wine Gift Set

This wonderful gift set is comprised of nine pieces in an elegant rosewood box. It comes with an aerating wine pourer, corkscrews wine bottle opener, wine bottles stoppers, and much more. It is a perfect gift for you or for others, for the casual wine drinker of the connoisseur of fine beverages. It is a sophisticated set for anyone. Even if you’re a novice when it comes to wine, this is still a great set to get started with.

BOJ Professional Wall-mounted Wine Opener

Want your bar to look even fancier? Put this wine opener on the wall and you’ll be the talk of your parties. The beautiful antique-like wall-mounted corkscrew will take any cork out with a matter of pulling down the handle and then pushing it back up. You don’t even have to hold the bottle since the mount holds it for you! Just set it in the holder, pop it open, and you’ll have your delicious beverage in a matter of seconds.

Le Creuset Activ-Ball Wine Opener

This self-pulling wine opener has a sleek design, composed of metal and uses an activ-ball for easy cork retrieval. The high-quality metal construction makes its grip unmatched, making it highly optimal and easy to use. All you have to do is clamp it over the bottle and twist it a few times and the cork is out. Despite being made of metal, the comfort grip makes it easy to squeeze and easy to use.

ACE Wine Key

This classy wine opener takes the sophistication you know and love about wine to the next level. The beautiful black ebony wood and mirror finish is enough to attract those of the higher caliber. It is engineered to be the epitome of balance and beauty, giving you the extra leverage you need to take out even the longer corks. It will look good on your bar or simply tucked away in a drawer—either way, it looks great.

Smaier Wine Opener Set

A heavy-duty, stainless steel wine opener is what you might need. Not only does it come in a luxurious wooden box, but this wine opener won’t wear down. It will last you a lifetime and will open your bottles in three seconds or less. It is a classic and beautiful work of art and will make a lovely addition to your bar or as a gift to someone else. It comes with a wine foil cutter, wine pourer, extra corkscrews, and many other important items.

Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Wine Opener

With an elegant stand to accompany this electric wine opener, it will look great on any wine cooler or bar in your home. It comes with a foil cutter and aerating pourer for easy access to your wines. It will open many bottles of wine with one charge, so you won’t find yourself having to plug it up every time. The blue light is a fun addition, making it look high-tech and luxurious every time you use it.

Palm City Products 18-Piece Wine Set

This wine opener set has many pieces to set it above the rest. Not only does it come with a beautiful wine opener, but it also has a wine aerator pourer, wine stopper, drip ring collar, an assortment of wine charms, and many other things. It comes in an elegant black wood box to accent any wine cabinet or bar you may have, making it one to impress anyone at your party or gathering.

Electric Wine Opener Set

Opening a bottle of wine has never been so easy, especially with this piece of luxurious machinery. Regardless of what type of cork is sealing your wine away, this electric wine opener will remove it in a matter of seconds. No longer will you need to push and tug with regular bottle openers—this electric wine opener will do it for you. Its rechargeable battery will open 40 bottles before needing to be recharged.

Mimi’s & Fifi’s Gifts Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

This beautiful wine opener will do its job faster than most others. With a few simple adjustments, this rabbit wine bottle opener will have that cork out in a jiffy. Not only will it assist in opening it, the luxurious, ergonomic design will leave you in comfort, even if you have arthritis or other joint pain—this bottle opener provides the most action with little input. It is made of metal and comes in a beautiful gift box, making it a perfect and long-lasting tool or gift for anyone.

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Perhaps you’re a minimalist who still enjoys their wine? This compact wine opener is a great asset to anyone’s bar or wine cooler, taking up smaller spaces and showing class and luxury. While being compact, the lever to pull the cork out is long and provides great leverage, providing an uncorked wine bottle in a matter of seconds. It’s great for those with arthritis and other joint pains, considering its ease of use.

Vinturi Vertical Lever Wine Opener

While having a built-in foil cutter, this wine opener is a step above the rest. Where you would have to have an extra tool for your wine bottles, this one comes with everything you need to get one off comfortably and quickly. The beautiful chrome-plated, die cast body will last a lifetime and the leverage will make uncorking your wine as fast as any. Thorough testing has gone through this wine opener, providing the best and easiest uncorking you might need.